AODTO : Flash ActionScript and FLEX

ѡѺʡŢͧ Flash ѹա

Posted on: August 23, 2007

Flash ҵͧ÷֡ ҡǨеͧ͹ФѺ
չʡúҧ Ӥѭ ФѺ

– .fla
͡ ö䢧ҹ

– .swf
ҡ Export ͡Ҩҡ Flash ͨ¡ Movie ФѺ
öҧ ҹ蹷ͧͧ swf 蹹ФѺ
swf ǹͧ蹼ҹ Flash Player ФѺ Ҥͧ˹ swf ǹФѺ

– .html
ʴ䫴ФѺ html աýѧ swf 仴 Щйҹ html ҹ
swf 仴¹ 仴

– .exe
Flash Player swf Ҵ¡ѹǹФѺ ͧ˹ Flash Player
exe ǹФѺ ٢Ҵ˹¹ФѺ ѹ˭ swf ҡ

Ӥѭ 4 ǹФѺ ǹ蹨ŧФѺ ԧѹ

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*_* ͺسѺ Tank you

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